Grey Ant’s Cheeky Collection- SS 2011

Two words come to mind in viewing this collection: Butt support.  Thick belts that form around the curvature, and tailoring that emphasizes the derrier caused quite a stir as attendees took lingered second looks while models passed by.  Gives a whole new meaning to “cheeky” clothing.  The modern chic Cassina store on East 56th street was transformed into a maze-like runway for the models showing the wears of designer Grant Krajecki.  The designer has recently moved to the city and this collection is a clear indication of influences from the fashion mecca.

Krajecki claimed his inspirations came from the textures of packing materials and furniture construction; several pieces were constructed from classic upholstery fabrics and luxury bed linens.  Grant is most known for his accessories, creating shoes, hats, belts, etc out of repurposed materials.  Who knows, perhaps his butt clamping belts will catch on.


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