Ann Yee’s Intimate Setting for Spring Summer Collection Show

Ion Studio presented a great venue to showcase the work of underground designer Ann Yee.  Casual separates with an androgynous tone made for an interesting, albeit small, collection.  Standing in the corner near the wine bar, I chatted with a financial writer who happened to be an old college friend of Yee’s, just helping the designer out for the evening.  The room was filled with adoring friends and family, with only a handful of outsiders who made the trip to Ion to experience the raw perspective of the underground market.

The collection was laid back, wispy, and included a muted palette with pops of fuschia and chunky knitwear– nothing over the edge, but I was particularly impressed with the overall relaxed tone of the party, a refreshing break from the mayhem of Lincoln Center.  The ratio of space to people was small enough to comfortably start a conversation with a stranger, yet large enough that your conversation with that stranger wouldn’t start with “Hey, you are stepping on my Jimmy Choos!”

Kudos to Yee for a decidedly chill event.

Photos provided by Ion Studio.


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