Custo Barcelona Spring 2011 Collection

Bright colors and pattern mixing is to be expected from Custo Barcelona.  This collection has a 70s psychedelic influence to it; strips of fabric hanging down from a dress mimicking the vertical stripe pattern of the dress, fringe vests, tie dye leggings.  While everyone else is taking a more simple and ladylike approach to the 70s, Custo is still a showman, and only he can pull off a feathery bathing suit.

His trademark Ibiza style randomness is ever present in this collection (one sleeve of a shirt will be one pattern, and the other sleeve a completely different pattern or material).  He definitely has some pieces that are borderline tacky, yet the packed standing room and the globalization of the brand indicates that there is an apparent market for it.  I was happy to see how thorough each look was and that, despite the times, his clothes are as playful and overt as ever, using Tokyo influences in colors and cartoon faces imprinted on shirts and dresses.

Photos by Dylan Reyes


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