Dennis Basso Spring Summer 2011

Never has a designer caused more stir from PETA than Dennis Basso.  As the animal rights’ activists staged a semi-naked protest outside, attendees to the show yesterday were checked for any materials (namely red paint) that could be used for vandalism; Where were they for Lady Gaga’s meat accessories at the VMA’s?

While I can’t see the justification in mixing fur with invisible and creating femme-bot-esque coats for a warm weather collection—there were a few lovely (and fur-less) pieces in the Spring Summer collection. Light blue and peach mixed with deep mauve in one modern print  floor length dress was a lovely break from the ultra structured and stiff cocktail dresses that seem a bit constricting for my taste.

Several pieces from the collection were tailor-made for the red carpet. We are sure to see celebs wearing them to various events next year as Basso is known not only for his high fashion following (ahem, Vogue’s Anna Wintour was at the show last season, and this season Andre Leon Talley represented the magazine) but also for his Hollywood fans.   Still, with all of the amazing advances in faux fur and the knowledge that it is actually cheaper to create a piece from real fur than from good quality faux-fur, why is he hanging on to the fur?  What do you think, should Basso ditch the fur, or is it his trademark and therefore fashion suicide to ditch it?

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