Marc Jacobs’ Colorful Seventies SS 2011 Collection

In a clean break from his usual muted tones, the Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Marc Jacobs is all about color!  The soft oranges, magentas, and mustards that we have been seeing all week from other designers were mixed with deep purple, tan and a little gray.  Keeping in line with the 70s movement, MJ presented a chic liberated seventies look, returning to a slower time, when large hats and wide pant legs were glamorous.

Jacobs has said his influences were the New York Dolls, vintage Yves Saint Laurent, and the friends and attendees of a party in Cannes he attended for none other than long-time-friend and super model Naomi Campbell.  The collection was filled with halters, jumpsuits, silky blouses, and sheer patterned materials.  I particularly loved the return of the thick belts, especially as this Fall/Winter season is all about the skinny wrap around boyfriend belts.  Only MJ could bring back huge floral pendants on necklaces and belts, and make it look chic.  A few of the silk pieces didn’t quite make the cut for me in terms of practicality, but still a fantastic collection for MJ.

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