Manolo and Me: A chance meeting with the designer in Houston

It’s not everyday that a fashion icon makes an appearance in middle class America’s playground –not that I would necessarily consider Neiman Marcus (or what my roommate likes to call “Needless Markup”) a place where the everyday middle-class woman shops–but I was pleasantly surprised to find out, not moments before I arrived, that Manolo Blahnik, shoe whisperer, was doing a book/shoe signing at Neiman’s that very afternoon.  I quickly rushed home to obtain my previous edition paper-back copy of the Manolo Blahnik drawings (let’s face it, I have not entered the elite group of Manolo owners just yet) for the designer to sign.

As I reached the front of the “signing” line, I couldn’t help but gander at Blahnik’s tailored cream suit, pristine white shirt, and pocca dot bow tie….he was truly an absolute gentleman, with a flair of personality that can only come from living his very unique life.

Mid signing, I tell him, “I write for a blog,” and he quickly replies, “Oh, that is the way to do it these days, you have to put your work out there, don’t wait for the opportunity to come”.

When asked about his new collection,”I was very inspired by tweed.  I don’t pay attention to the fashion trends, I just do my own thing you know, ” he exclaims throwing his hands up to accentuate his point.

With the French two cheek kiss, he hands me back my book, as I exuberantly pass him a business card, and thank him.  Now in reflecting on the day and the fact that this is a moment I will always remember, I can’t help thinking, Wouldn’t it be amazing if Manolo Blahnik were reading my blog right now?


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