MB Fashion Week: Duckie Brown

Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, the dynamic designers behind the lux menswear brand Duckie Brown, always bring in the oddball crowd. It isn’t unusual to see men dressed in fur jackets at Fashion Week, but at Duckie Brown you’ll see them in full plaid or head to toe fur– a nod to the androgynous style of the brand. This season, the collection is boxy, an over-exaggeration of muscular torsos, but keeping with the brand’s signature satire– an oversized sweatshirt follows a structured printed blazer, or a gray pullover that almost takes the form of a straight jacket paired with sleek pants. This brand pays no mind to casual vs. dressy, feminine vs. masculine, it is all game to them.
Favorite look: a pullover woven in a very light colored shiny material, from a distance it looks like a medieval armor shell.


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