MB Fashion Week: Joy Cioci

Chilly New York winters will not stop this romantic dreamer. Fashion Week new-comer Joy Cioci’s light chiffon cascading dresses in winter white with gray flower prints, periwinkle sweater dresses and light gray vests had all the whimsical allure of an English novel. The models stood in front of a gardenia tree, all white branches with a few buds just starting to bloom– an image plucked from the designer’s inspiration for the collection and a perfect setting to create the dream-like mood. With a few bright blue dresses, an intriguing use of salmon, and mixed with sheer black sleeves and pant legs, this collection has something for every occasion. Everything about the presentation was soft and ladylike, even the fur and suede coats seemed to drape over gowns with such sophistication. There is a definite sense of a return to innocence and gentler pace this season. Overall, it was a remarkable first collection for Joy Cioci.
Favorite piece: The sweetheart neck dress with cascading whispy layers and soft ruffly short sleeves– there is no way you can wear this dress without feeling like a delicate and timeless muse.


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