MB Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona

A clean break from the neon psychedelic colors and prints of last season, Fall introduces a new approach to the brand’s wild aesthetic and playful style. Starting with a new palette of beige, crimson, pale pinks, and splashs of bright colors, the collection is all about mixing textures and bold graphics in a kitschy-patchwork kind of way. Wool sweater dresses with bits of mothy fabric and wrapped in a light organza material and skirts with layers of feathers acting a fringe paired with nude top and a distressed weaved top create a collection that is anything but ready-to-wear. Never a minimalist, Custo’s overt concepts and explosive mix of materials create true shock value . “It’s so elaborate, he just doesn’t take himself too seriously,” one Custo-clad viewer says at the show. After the fur sweater cut into a diamond print with sheer distressed organza on the underlay was shown, I realized that this collection really could go anywhere from there. Several pieces had excessive volume and clashes of opposing textures, yet somehow it’s forgiven…. “It doesn’t have to be cohesive, it’s Custo.”


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