MB Fashion Week: Jenny Packham

UK designer Jenny Packham has long been a favorite of mine for editorial photo shoots so, naturally, I was interested to see what she was presenting this season. Though Packham may have provided her luxurious threads to young Hollywood Grammy-goers last night, the Central St. Martin’s grad had old Hollywood glamour on the brain for this collection. The program for the show had this quote listed by iconic bombshell Marlene Dietrich– “Men cluster to me like moths around a flame and if their wings burn I know I’m not to blame.” Appropriately, several of the pieces used moth tulle affixed with silver, gold and copper beads. The collection echoes Dietrich’s soft yet forward style too. Creativity in the texture of the jackets, cocktail wear, and leggings is what makes Packham a sought after designer. This collection upholds her strengths with a few new risks– lots of sheer silk chiffon, lace, and of course beading were used, and also a kind of disco inspired gold lame but done in a much less tacky way than the late ’60s Studio 54 style. Gold lame used for a full length halter gown that draped gracefully all the way around and metallics playing with sheer mothy materials gave way to peek-a-boo sex appeal. Though the designer failed to make an appearance after the show, she managed to thoroughly our attention and demonstrated her capability to keep a fresh approach to her signature style.

Photos provided by Joey Bettencourt.


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