MB Fashion Week: Monique Lhuillier

Dark, Sultry, and Seductive influences drove this collection, a far cry from the upbeat bright solid roset gowns from Spring, this season is structured silhouettes and dark, lean figures. Like stepping into a murder mystery (or vampiric movie for newer generations), the moodiness of the colors used with only a bright red to break up the tonal colors, this collection feels like a dramatic moment for Lhuillier. Suits cut with strong shoulders yet sheer delicate lace replacing an entire chunk creates elements of mystery and strength– ML’s woman is certainly the strong, beautiful, yet dangerous leading lady this season. Feathers incorporated in new and voluminous ways are flirty additions. The illusion of skin underneath layers of corsets and lace seduces the eye and the black velvet ribbons accentuating the waist creates femininity and grace. Each piece was thoroughly crafted to be a statement piece. Add the dramatic symphonies played throughout, and this show could have been a modern (more fashionable) version of Dracula.
Favorite piece: a red sweetheart neck chiffon gown with interweaving material at the high waist and sleeves draping low on the shoulders and back.
Celebrities of note in attendance: Julia Stiles and Brittany Snow


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