MB Fashion Week: Vera Wang Fall 2011 Collection

It’s a rare occasion indeed to have ALL of the main Vogue editors at a show together (especially with the Elle clan one row over). Vera Wang brought the top names in fashion publishing– Anna Wintour, Tonne Goodman, Grace Coddington, Andre Leon Tally, Joe Zee, Roberta Meyers (celebrities that make us bloggers woo with excitement)– together in one room to view her collection. And for good reason too. The highly anticipated show opened to the beginning score from Atonement, setting the mood for a modernized 1920s allure. Models came through an iron clad fence on the runway dripped in rustic and edgy fashions. Vera’s moody all black/charcoal collection still feels chic even with all the color shown by different designers this week– starting with the darkest pieces and working eventually to some creams, blushes and earthy tones. Pleated half skirts layered over skin tight pants and leggings and under voluminous cropped coats with fox lining around the hoods. The structure and silhouettes (especially in the eveningwear) felt very ’30s– flat on top, gathering at the lower hips and flowing outward to the ground, elongating frail figures and rejecting female curves. Thirty some odd bare backs dresses with only thin delicate racer back straps to hold them up were paired with thick rustic leather gloves. Each variation had elaborate detail and craftsmanship while retaining VW’s edgy vibe.


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