Pick of the Day: Hippie-Crafty Chic

Style: Take a cue from your artsy fartsy side. This half hippie, half crafty trend is perfect for the first (real) spring day in LA. Mixing loose florals with bright structured shorts is a great way to look sophisticated while you are sitting at the cafe. Keep your milky white skin from scorching (remember, you have to EASE into your summer tan) with a light colored straw fedora and round 70’s inspired shades. And for that glam’d up hippie look: sky high denim wedge platforms.

Scene: Lemonade Cafe is the perfect place for people watching.  You never know what celebrity encounters you might have there (Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, and Hilary Duff are regulars).

Eat: Try the spaghetti style squash-farro and pomegranate vinaigrette mix, or the avocado-cherry tomatoes-pine nuts and lime.  The red velvet cupcakes are just big enough to satisfy, and small enough so they won’t completely throw you off of your diet.

Drink: Feeling daring? Try their Asian Pear Basil homemade lemonade. It’s got serious kick!


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