Beauty 101: Rose Petal Bath

You were lucky enough to nab a gorgeous bouquet of roses from your sweetie — ok, who are we kidding, it’s from your parents (Thanks, Mom!), and while you’ve done everything to keep them looking as fresh as they did on day 1, they are starting to do their own version of a forward bend.  Rather than continuing to try and resuscitate them — let’s be honest, the flower food doesn’t really work– why not opt for a luxurious rose petal bath!? Not only are the petals velvety to the touch, they will create a sumptuous floral smell to keep you relaxed for tub time!

How To: Simply pull the petals off from the root and wash thoroughly before putting into your bath (you want to make sure there aren’t any little bugs lurking in your petals or it could make for a slightly less relaxing bath.


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