Top 10 Fabulous High Fashion Halloween Costumes

Let’s be honest, we usually spend more time thinking about how to dress for Halloween then we do putting the actual costume together.  You could be a witch… again… but perhaps you have nabbed an invite to a fab party and need something a bit more exciting than your go-to bag-of-tricks. If your looking for a fashion-forward option this year, you’re in luck! I’ve put together 10 of the simplest high fashion costume ideas that you can easily put together with just a few key pieces.  Take a look!

1. Twiggy — channel your inner 60s it-girl! If you already have the short pixie blond hair, all you will need is a brightly colored aline mini-dress, white tights, large bauble earrings, and a pair of metallic Mary Janes.

2. Edie Sedgewick and Andy Warhol — best couple costume idea ever!  This look is so now (ahem, Mark Jacobs swinging 60s SS13 collection).  For Edie, a long black and white striped boat neck shirt (or dress) with black opaque tights, black pumps, and statement chandelier earrings will do the trick.  To get Andy’s look all you really need is a bleach blond boy wig, a black shirt, Ray-bans, and a camera.

3. Anna Della Russo — this is a good costume if you have fashion-industry friends.  Just wear a gold party dress, a fur coat, and find some big cherries that you can spray paint gold and hot-glue to a head piece for Anna’s signature flair!

4. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s this is both classy and timeless for a cute costume amongst the half-naked hoes you’ll run into on Halloween.  You could pretty much wear any sleeveless solid black dress with black gloves, a fake tiara and diamond necklace, and an extended cigarette holder to make this costume work.  To complete the look, get your hair in a high bouffont with the mini tiara in the center.

5. Anna Wintour — one fabulous animal print coat, classic bob wig with bangs (in Anna’s signature chestnut shade), and circular black sunglasses, and voila!  You will be the splitting image of VOGUE’s infamous Editor-in-Chief.

6.  Karl Lagerfeld — No doubt you may have seen someone pull this costume before, but it never fails to get a nod.  the key to this look is the hair, the sunglasses, the fingerless leather gloves, and of course you’ll need a Choupette look-alike (Lagerfeld’s pet cat).

7.  Alexander McQueen’s butterfly girl — while dressing like McQueen himself might get a few puzzled faces than accolade, donning his signature butterfly hat will earn you major points amongst the most stylish party-goers.  Any red and black silk butterflies will do, and can usually be found at a crafts store and you can use paper mache as your base with mini wire stems to get the effect of a bushel of b-flies around your head.  Add a structured dress and you are set (no designer merch required!)

8.  Brad Goreski — former assistant to fashion icon Rachel Zoe, Brad has certainly made a name for himself with his signature style.  to get the look, you will need a stellar pair of specs, a brightly colored blazer or button-up shirt, a printed bow tie, and fitted trousers.

9.  Amy Whinehouse — the late singer has a recognizable style that we still love and admire.  The key is the black wig, over-the-top bouffant (with hair half down), dramatic black cat eye liner, and pinup girl tattoo (no, we are not suggesting you get a real one, go stick-on for the night).

10.  Lady Gaga — there’s so many different ways you can take this look, but I think it would be amazing to get a group of girlfriends together and do all of her iconic looks (draw straws for who will get the meat dress, but it’s a must).  This look would definitely be the easiest.  Black everything, a blond wig, and a black lightning bolt on the side of your face.

I’m getting so excited for Halloween!  What are you going to dress as? Share your favorite costume ideas in the comments below.  I promise to keep it a secret 🙂

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