LookBook: Alexa Chung

Oh, Alexa.  I want to hate you, but you are just so damn chic, I can’t help but be OBSESSED with everything you wear.  Your British version of hipster makes even the douchiest (yes, it’s a word) leather-wearing-indie-listening-Echo-Park-clan somehow cool and relevant again. You’ve been gifted with this uncanny ability to NEVER brush your hair, and still it looks ‘done’.  Even when you don a hideous heeled sandal that I think must have come from a cheap second-hand store in Brooklyn and you’ve paired it with (gasp!) SOCKS, somehow it works on you and the rest of us think, “Why doesn’t that look good on me when I wear it?”

Here are just a few of the things that make me (and everyone else) inevitably fall in love with you over and over:

  1. You are the only person I know (er, wish I knew) who can effectively pull off overalls.
  2. You are so accidentally cool, it gives me hope.
  3. You might be the only fashion model who can co-host with Anderson Cooper and not leave us shaking our heads in shame.
  4. I feel like I am a taller, fatter version of you.
  5. Seriously, socks with platforms… how are you doing this?
  6. Your collection with Madewell made it okay for me to spend $80 on a sweater.
  7. I imagine that you just wake up and throw something on and actually give little thought about it.
  8. I love how you constantly re-wear pieces and just don’t seem to care about out-doing anyone (the cat smoking slippers, the black and white striped sweater, the crimson Topshop jeans, don’t think we don’t notice).
  9. I frequently see pictures of you in public with little-to-no makeup on.
  10. You could easily be a stucky B, but I really feel that you aren’t.

Our hats off to you, lady, we are constantly in awe of your effortlessly chic ways!

Get Alexa’s Look:

Ganni striped top, $245 / Mango cotton t shirt, $42 / Dorothy Perkins / rag & bone / Madewell jean jacket / Madewell short skirt / rag & bone jean shorts / Play Comme des Garçons canvas shoes / Jon Josef velvet shoes / RED Valentino leather sandals / Chanel necklace / AllSaints beanie hat

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