Anne Hathaway’s Anti-Inflammatory Catwoman Diet

Let’s be honest, exercise can only take you so far.

The days of late night Del Taco runs and drinking most of my daily caloric intake are now a distant memory.  I wouldn’t say that I’m an extremely conscientious eater, I try to watch what I eat and I work out 6 days per week.  But, alas, I have hit a wall with my skinny jean size and there is nothing to do now but change my eating habits.  And who better to learn the ropes of a healthy lifestyle than from the gal who’s had to squeeze into a catsuit, a Valentino wedding dress, and a waif-like frame to play an emaciated prostitute in the screen adaptation of Les Miserables, all in the last year.

I decided to take on Ms. Hathaway Mrs. Shulman’s catwoman diet — a part-vegan, part-gluten free, and mostly anti-inflammatory regimen set by her personal nutrition coach Jackie Keller.  The diet was designed to include plenty of protein for Anne to allow for the physical demands of her Dark Knight Rises character, which was the basis of it’s appeal for me, through protein rich foods such as tempeh and Seitan, fish, bright red and orange vegetables, avocados, and nuts.  While I am determined to shed these stubborn pounds, I have no interest in starving myself or neglecting my body from the nutrients it needs to function, or resorting to a leafy green existence.  That said, I am trying the diet for one month and will share my progress in case any of you are looking for a healthy way to lose a few extra pounds.

The Grocery List

To set myself up for the week– with the understanding that the diet may not work– I researched a few key foods that sounded good to me.  Believe it or not, almost everything is available at Trader Joes:

  • egg whites
  • tomatoes
  • oranges
  • sweet potatoes or yams
  • whole wheat lavash
  • red and orange bell peppers
  • whole grain couscous
  • dried apricots
  • kale
  • avocados
  • gluten free chocolate chip cookies
  • gluten free granola cereal
  • garbanzo beans
  • tilapia
  • 100 calorie dark chocolate bars (70 percent cacao)
  • sesame and sunflower seeds
  • low sodium tomato soup
  • organic tempeh
  • Turmeric (from spice market, you can get it in supplement form online too)

Stay tuned to see how well the diet works for me.


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