5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Style for 2013

We are just two weeks into 2013, and already your New Years’ resolutions (or shall we call them good intentions) are a distant memory.  Not to worry!  You can still start this year off on the right stiletto with a little time and a few buckaroos.  Take your next free day to simplify your boudoire (that’s French for closet) with these five steps to SUCCESS!


Levi Brown

1.  DIY Shoebox Drawer Dividers

Take a cue on drawer-ganization from our friends at realsimple.com!

Before you toss those shoe boxes to make room for the new boots you’ve acquired from Christmas, keep a few smaller boxes for instant (and free!) drawer dividers.

Simply cut the boxes in half (vertical or horizontal, depending on the size of your drawers) and position them according to your stock.  Not only will you have picturesque incidentals, you’ll find that grabbing what you need in the morning will be that much easier without having to perform a search and rescue for your strapless bra.

2. Create Space with Thin-line Hangers

felt hangers

Trim the fat… in your closet that is.  Big, bulky wood and plastic hangers take up loads of room and stacking your clothes on top of each other can make your wardrobe feel cluttered.  To effectively “put outfits together” you need space to think, and that goes for your closet as well.  These thin line hangers are available in a variety of colors and they’re light felt material won’t snag your clothes when taking them on and off the hanger.  Not to mention, you can fit 3-4 of these itty-bitty hangers in place of your huge wooden coat hanger, and rest assured, they may be small, but they can handle the weight.

Set of 25 flocked hangers, $11.99 at Ross.

 3. Cleanse Your Closet

Closet clean-outs are an absolute must before you add any of your new clothes into the mix.  We all develop hoarding tendencies when it comes to clothes, particularly jeans, that really don’t serve us well.  If you find yourself saying things like, “It might come back into style” or the dreaded “I’m waiting for those to fit me again,” it is likely you are a victim of closet clutter.  Start from the back of the closet and ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this?” If it was more than a year ago or you don’t remember, put it into your pile for Goodwill.

PSST! If your discarded items are designer pieces that you think you could sell, there are phenomenal apps you can use to re-sell gently used items: Threadflip and Poshmark are the best.  Post your item for a reasonable price, but keep your closet in check– if the item doesn’t sell in 7-10 days, toss it!

4. Simplify Your Style

Marie Claire

Marie Claire

What’s your street style? Romantic? Simple & chic? Preppy? Eclectic?  Pin-pointing which style you wear the most can be one of the most effective ways to revamp your style.  Most people have a combination of a few themes.  For example, if I had to define my key ingredients, I would say I am somewhere between Madewell-preppy and Vince-casual chic, with a bit of romanticism sprinkled in.

Defining what you like and what you feel reflects your personality is a great way to build on what you already have, rather than incessantly coveting what your favorite fashion bloggers are showcasing this week (let’s not forget, most of them are gifted a lot of these items).

Here is a fun/informative quiz from Marie Claire to tap into your own personal style!




5.  Make Getting Dressed A Cinch!


F. Martin Ramin for WSJ

The Wall Street Journal published a great article on rebuilding your wardrobe from scratch, with advice on key pieces to focus on and buying pieces that can be worn multiple ways.  This same principle can be used in organization. Separate your “key pieces” by color scheme according to which pieces can be worn together, paying attention to separates that you can pair with multiple pieces in every group– these “floaters” as I like to think of them, will be your go-to section, which will make getting dressed on the days when you swear there’s “nothing in your closet you can wear” much easier! Once you’ve done this, you can now assess what you need within each group depending on what you spend your days doing.  For example: in each group you ideally want a jacket or light coat, a few skirts, a pair of jeans, at least one casual tee, and some dressier tops.  If you find that you have an excess of clothes within one group, start narrowing down some more.


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