8 Beyond Adorable Ideas for a Unique Valentine’s Day

So you’re looking for something festive to do for Valentine’s day, huh?

Well, you could battle the traffic (and the crowds) to some fine dining restaurant where you will likely be met with pricey fixed menus and pushy waitstaff who are looking to turn as many tables around as they can on the busiest night of the year… or maybe not.  I’ve never been a fan of traditional V-day festivities (obviously), so I did the foot work on some unconventional ways for you to spend a little QT with your sweetie without breaking the bank.

1. Make a ‘Heart’ Filled Breakfast in Bed

Generally, dinner is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of having a nice meal, especially since V-day falls on a weekday this year and most people will have to celebrate their valentines after work. However, your lover will be just as impressed if you wake up early, cook them a heart shaped breakfast and bring it to them in bed!  It’s unique, romantic and doesn’t have to cost a bundle.  The key is presentation: find an inexpensive (but nice) red placemat for your tray and serve them breakfast on your nice plates (you know, the kind you only use when you have company).  Add a cup of hot cocoa on the side to mix it up!

2. Get Crafty With Your Gift

The ‘You Light Up My Life’ lamp is the cutest of cute in the DIY gift department.  These are great for decorating their desk at work too!  It’s a constant reminder of how much they mean to you.  Just make sure the light is fully functioning before you give it to them, or your gift could backfire with the wrong message (eeek).  For a list of materials, see Saleena Marie’s blog.

3.  Take A Daycation Through Wine Country

Calling all wine lovers: Incorporate your mutual favorite pastime (drinking) into an off-roading adventure! Cloud Climbers Jeep Tours offers an all-day guided jeep tour through Santa Barbara Wine Country for $129 per person… I know, sounds a little steep, but not when you consider that this includes 4 wine tastings, a bottle of wine, and lunch in addition to the tour.  This is a fantastic way to spend a romantic V-day with your honey if you are fortunate to have the entire day off.

4.  Give the Gift That Keeps Giving… For the Whole Year!

Instead of buying whatever gadget you can find last minute on Amazon that they’ll likely never use, follow this blogger’s fool-proof gift idea! Put together 12 envelopes, one for every month of the year, and think of a mini-date that you two can do one day for each of the months.  The dates don’t have to be elaborate to make this cute, you can have a movie date, a picnic in the park, plan to visit the location of the place you met, get a map of a place you have never been together and plan out the stops you want to make along the way. This is a great idea for that couple who doesn’t buy into the whole “one-day-a-year” bit in showing how much you love each other.  It’s also great for long distance relationships to plan out your time to see each other.  The trick is to commit to opening the envelopes at the beginning of the month and scheduling the dates ahead of time.

5.  Soop Up Your Ride and Gaze at the Stars

My boyfriend did this for me when we first started dating and I was overwhelmed with love!  Grab some plush blankets, a bottle of champagne (or your drink of choice…pear ciders, anyone?), some yummy snacks and some twinkly white lights (you can get an adapter for your car’s lighter plug) and drive as far from the city lights as you can.  Tip: for all you astrology geeks, Feb 2-23 is supposed to be the best time to view Mercury!

6. Be Together, Even if You’re Apart

We live in the digital age.  If you are in a long distance relationship, or you are just going to be away from your honey for V-day but still want to spend some QT together, have a skype date instead!  Get all dressed up, sync a movie to watch together, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy each others company digitally.

7. Make a Memory Jar of Love

Who didn’t love doing this in grade school? It’s a great way to remind your bf or gf why you love them or perhaps the fun times or silly things that have happened this year.  To make: Buy a glass Mason jar ($4 at Michaels), cut small strips of paper (or you can use popsicle sticks), and write out the reasons you love them or funny/significant memories you’ve had this past year as a couple.  Label the jar in a cute way, with construction paper or stickers, and keep it in a safe place.  Then commit to opening the jar next year for Valentine’s Day!

8. Have An Indoor Picnic

The more creative you are with this one, the better.  Don’t bother with tables, get a large plush blanket and lay it on an area of your place that you don’t normally eat in.  Decoration is key here (think candles, decorative pillows, twinkly lights, or you can even buy some uber cheap lanterns at Ikea for the night).  The more festive and different the food is, the better.  Think outside the box. Try to recreate the fare you had for your first date or ask your sweetie’s mom to send you a recipe of a favorite food from their childhood. Trust me, your bf/gf will be touched that you took the time to really think about it, and it won’t cost you nearly as much as the 3-course meal at that fine dining restaurant you booked last year.

Have a cute V-day gift idea or activity you want to share? Leave me a message!


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