Travel Thursdays: French Polynesia

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 10.28.33 AMRainy, gloomy Southern California days make me want to escape to the tropics. Here’s a throwback to a sailing trip I took with family and friends in 2011 around French Polynesian Islands, namely Tahiti and Bora Bora. Enjoy! 264972_10100342200953374_5329930_n

My little sister and I, taking in the view, and then gazing at each other.  I’m so happy we captured this moment, but some of our travel mates said it looked like an ad for Summer’s Eve. LOL.

261484_10100342128039494_5070536_nWe picked up our vessel in Papeete and traveled on a catamaran with a packed boat (13 people).  “Staterooms” consist of your bed and cupboards, and the bathrooms have small showers, sinks, and a toilet.  Yep, this is what you’d call roughing it… 270372_10100342199596094_2526749_n

Traveling by sailboat is perhaps one of the best ways to travel the French Polynesian.  It’s a truly cultured experience, laying anchor in a little cove at one of the islands, lounging on the boat with a racy novel, and motoring into town at night for dinner.  the convenience of a cruise ship has nothing on the adventures of sailing where the wind takes you.  269492_10100342200369544_7071223_n 269742_10100342199805674_6155042_n


Bloody Mary’s is a hotspot bar and restaurant with local fare and cliche cocktails served in cored pineapples and coconuts.


Our rations on the boat, you know, just in case you get stuck in the middle of the ocean, you want to be prepared!

268852_10100342201896484_7156936_nWe made a short venture into a little cove on a public island and found a place where we could swim with stingrays for free!

264802_10100342200564154_7911385_n268962_10100342200214854_2057658_nTahiti is one of the few tropical paradises that has yet to be assimilated by American consumerism — apart from a standout vending machine here or there, the cities mostly run on local businesses and tradesman.

Maruruu! (It means thank you in Tahitian)


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