6 Tips For Changing Career Paths

pink adhesive note on white background with "i quit" noteYou’ve done it.  You’ve quit the soul-sucking job that used to leave you counting down the hours till the end of the day, and then frowning more than a little when you realized it was only Tuesday.  Good for you!  This life is too short to stay in a position (or industry for that matter) that you have to convince yourself “isn’t so bad” on a daily basis…

…now what? Well, what you’re not going to do is stress!! That doesn’t help anyone.  Maybe you were prepared and have another job lined up, but if you don’t, that’s totally okay too!  There are jobs to be had out there, and even if you don’t have a bulging savings or back up plan (read: parents’ couch) in place, there are excellent resources to help ease you into finding a new career that you actually want! Check out these 6 tips for changing career paths. Continue reading


Read This: Lucky Mag’s Ultimate Style Guide

I love Lucky Magazine in general, it is my go-to for easy breezy flipping when it comes to glossies.  But, the Ultimate Style Guide, a special edition which came out a few months ago is the best resource on everything … Continue reading

Fashion Insiders’ Christmas List: Reed Krakoff Bag and Isabella Blow Biography

“Top on my list this holiday season is the grey Reed Krakoff leather tote and I’d love a copy of Blow by Blow, the biography of the late great Isabella Blow. I bought 10 copies as gifts for my best fashion friends but somehow forgot to request one for myself.”

-Kristen Steinhilber Calavas, president of TheLookbook.com

Reed Krakoff Boxer II leather tote in grey, $1490.00 at net-a-porter.com

Blow by Blow, the Story of Isabella Blow, $30.00 available at Skylight Books

Matthew Williamson: Book out this month!

Yes, it’s true..fashionistas everywhere have been anticipating the release of the Rizzoli published book on British designer Matthew Williamson.  It follows the designer from his debut collection in 1997 up to his present day mulit-million dollar company, exploring all of the radiant colors and intricate patterns that have made him the icon he is today.  Fashion historian McDowell will provide the cultural context for the book, along with a foreward by pal Sienna Miller, a frequent Williamson shopper.  The monograph will be around $65 and hit stands this month.

Gypsy + Jetset

Welcome to a life where currency isn’t measured by having the latest Chloe bag, or developing social status through family connection.  These yuppies, hippies, partygoers, jet setters, socialites, and all around nomads give new meaning to the term world traveler. The bon vivants depicted in the Assouline published hardcover “Gypset” are unconventional in their lifestyles to say the least.  From roughing-it in a tepee in Ibiza to using creative resources to stay in the hottest resorts around the world, these explorers know how to live it up fashionably, while maintaining a derelict budget.  The book, authored by Julia Chaplin, takes you through the history of the gypsy movement.  It explores not only the people who have made the phrase into a chic lifestyle– revered even by the prim, proper, and privileged– it also delves into their carefree and shabby-fabulous dwellings.  Highly cultured, photographically beautiful, and you won’t believe some of the well-known  artists who are in it (Damien Hirst, Jade Jagger, and more).

Gypset Style, Assouline Publishers, $45, amazon.com