5 Ways Avocados Can Help You At Work


I absolutely LOVE avocado, I put it in everything (not joking; omelets, sandwiches, pasta). Coming from an Italian-SoCal family, I grew up on avocados, my grandparents grow them and would always send us home with a great big basket.

In addition to being absolutely delicious, avocados have tons of health benefits that can help you through a long day at work!  Here’s 5 reasons you should be eating more avocados: Continue reading


6 Tips For Changing Career Paths

pink adhesive note on white background with "i quit" noteYou’ve done it.  You’ve quit the soul-sucking job that used to leave you counting down the hours till the end of the day, and then frowning more than a little when you realized it was only Tuesday.  Good for you!  This life is too short to stay in a position (or industry for that matter) that you have to convince yourself “isn’t so bad” on a daily basis…

…now what? Well, what you’re not going to do is stress!! That doesn’t help anyone.  Maybe you were prepared and have another job lined up, but if you don’t, that’s totally okay too!  There are jobs to be had out there, and even if you don’t have a bulging savings or back up plan (read: parents’ couch) in place, there are excellent resources to help ease you into finding a new career that you actually want! Check out these 6 tips for changing career paths. Continue reading